Volunteers of the Wilmington Arboretum

What We've Done

Dates of Work by the Construction Crew and summaries of the tasks completed that day:

November 13, 2014 Work included: Installing a new wall in the area to become the native garden Mulched the camellia garden area

December 4, 2014 Work included: Removing tree limbs from the tree Al reshaped in the additional parking lot area Remove the cover from the greenhouse Pressure wash the greenhouse adjacent to the Ability Garden Greenhouse Clearing the area adjacent to the vegetable garden to prepare for new gardens

December 11, 2014 Work included: Continue clearance of the new garden area Repair of the seat in the additional parking lot area Repair of leaks in a new section of the irrigation by the main entrance along the black iron fence

December 18, 2014 Work included: Continual removal of shrubs, undergrowth, etc. from the new garden area Work continued on the seat repair in the additional parking lot area.    

January 15, 2015 Work included: Installing a slate brick wall along Bradley Drive; Adding soil in what will become the native garden area adjacent to the vegetable garden

January 22, 2015 Work included: Continuation and completion of the installation of the slate wall along Bradley Drive Removing sludge from the pond and pressure washing the surface

January 29, 2015 Work included: Installation of irrigation in the area adjacent to the vegetable garden

February 5, 2015 Work included: Painting of the concrete seats for the arboretum gardens Continuation of the irrigation installation adjacent to the vegetable garden Preparation for creation of a new paver wall in the area adjacent to the new butterfly garden

February 12, 2015 Work included: Continuation of the paver wall installation Filling in the irrigation extension by the vegetable garden and raking out Fixing the seat in the additional parking area around one of the trees Repairing some of the posts for the rope fence in the additional parking area

February 19, 2015 Work included: Repair of the brick floor in the Ability Garden Greenhouse

February 26, 2015 Work included: Painting continued on the concrete seats Repair of the brick floor in the Ability Garden Greenhouse continued

March 12, 2015 Tasks to be accomplished today: The seat around the tree out front needed to be painted. Some sprinkler heads in the vegetable garden area needed to be capped, trellis’ removed, the 4x4 timbers taken out of the ground and the sprinkler head removed and pipe capped. The retaining wall needed to have the cap glued into place. The irrigation in this area needed to be addressed. It is marked off for us to use as a guide. More trenching will need to be dug, etc. The butterfly needed to be moved. Some leaf blowing and vacuuming also needed to be done. The concrete seats that were painted need to be moved outside. The crepe myrtle in the butterfly garden needed to be removed.  

March 19, 2015 Work duties included: Pressure wash fountain in Welcome Garden Pressure wash raised bed in Ability Garden Repair herb planter in Ability Garden Repair loose boards in Children’s Garden Finish setting and gluing concrete benches Remove dead palm beside the Gate House Repair paver edges along sidewalk next to Herb Garden Rake out the soil in the Butterfly border Re-stain woodwork in the Welcome Garden Stain the bench in front of the office Repair wood fence along Bradley – a few sections have detached along the top Empty/spread bags of pine straw located near mailboxes Locate the sleeve that runs beneath the driveway near the mailboxes

March 26, 2015 Work included: Painting chair outside the entrance to the administration building Adding soil to the new butterfly area Adding a new irrigation section in the additional parking lot area

April 2, 2015 Work included: Prepare the circular area by the Hutaff water fountain for a paver walkway Continue work on the irrigation line in the additional parking lot area Plant shrubbery out front by the Arboretum sign

April 9, 2015 Three major tasks for today: Project started last week is in the wood shop. The stone pavers need to be laid down at the water fountain outside of the Hutaff building. Mark will assist with this one. Vic and John need to assist with the Plant Sale.

April 30, 2015: Work begins on the labyrinth project (including removing irrigation line(s) that run under what will be the labyrinth) and the pavers around the water fountain outside the Hutaff building need to be installed.

May 21, 2015: Work this week involves putting the sun cover for the large greenhouse back on and working on the walkways to the labyrinth.

May 28, 2015 Work included: Three doors need a paint job (bathroom door, storage closet and carpentry door). Richard needs to complete work on the irrigation system. Laying down the walkways associated with the labyrinth. The driveway alongside the greenhouses and the circle needs to be raked out to eliminate the loose stone and then a 2" layer of stone fines applied. Before raking the area requires leaf blowing.

June 4, 2015: The labyrinth paths still need work. Last week we paved the driveway with stone fines. It may require compacting if it hasn't already been done. Richard and Bill may have some lingering irrigation issues to fix. The pump for the water fountain may need replacement if it hasn't already been done.

June 11, 2015: Continue work on the labyrinth, paint the bridge (weather permitting) and David’s paint project.  

June 18, 2015: The labyrinth project continues to be the major focus for us this coming Thursday.  The wall has been completed.  What remains is laying down the remaining stones for the walkways. David has a bit more to do on the painting of the carpentry shop doors.

June 25, 2015 Work tasks this week included:   Install three pallets of sod to cover the ryegrass-only areas between the Children's Garden and the Butterfly Border.   Continue installing paver pads for the two benches and the continuation of the walkway for the Contemplation Garden. We are working toward a small event for Durwood Baggett's family and friends on July 9 at 6 pm.

August 6, 2015 Put another coat of paint on the green doors between the outside restroom and the carpentry shop. Finish the stone along Bradley Drive. Complete the paver and walkway project in the picnic area.

August 13, 2015 Finish the picnic area. Run electric wire to Contemplation Garden if Al is able to obtain a trencher. Finish the paint on the Carpentry Shop doors. Complete the removal of the old turf in the turf area and prepare it for new sod.

August 20, 2015 Redo the base for the white chair to the far right in the Contemplation Garden. It has to be dug up and realigned. Add a circular stone paver section adjacent to the Ross Greenhouse. Create a new paver section in the area adjacent to the turf plots area.

August 27, 2015 Add a new paver brick dividerfor each of the turf plots thaat will be planted and clean off the new pavers that were installed in the last few weeks. If it is dry enough we then need to put polymeric sand over the area. Polymeric sand needs to be added to the new pavers installed in the picnic area. Move two Crape Myrtles in the Contemplation Garden. A section within the children’s garden that needs to be excavated and then one of the myrtles going there. The other myrtle needs to go to the bed across from the Be placed near the butterfly adjacent to the herb garden.